Titans World

Titans World consists of a number of large-scale developments in the international ultra-luxurious and ultra-elite lifestyle, travel, sports, tourism, and real estate segments - currently operating under stealth.

For potential partnerships, please contact us at development //at// titans. world.

About Titans World

Titans World was founded upon the passions of a group of highly successful business associates with a track record of founding several disruptive companies (since 2008). The team includes a multi-billion dollar fund manager, a Hall-of-Fame NBA basketball legend, a next-gen telecoms pioneer, and the former CFO of a Formula One racing team.

About Enchanted World

Titans World includes the development of, in order to own and operate, a number of large-scale multi-purpose world-class tourism destinations throughout the world, with the first two planned in the Balkan and North African regions, respectively. This includes a 65-hectare theme park, members-only golf courses, polo & equestrian clubs, and an F1-capable racing track.

About Titans Fellowship

The Titans Fellowship at Titans World is an invite-only membership club with access to ultra-luxurious and ultra-exclusive experiences and services all over the world. Membership is reserved for Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals, where discretion is expected and guaranteed, focusing on friendship, fun, excitement, thrills, as well as convenience, luxury, and exclusivity.

Partnership Opportunity

Titans World is actively looking to expand its portfolio of exclusive services and luxurious offerings.

Titans World offers owners and operators of luxury resorts and exclusive services, world-wide, unique partnership opportunities with guaranteed revenues for 6, 12, or 24 months.

For potential partnerships, please contact us at development //at// titans. world.