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Enchanted City
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The Ultra-intelligent City concept was first conceived in 2016 by Angie/Oy, a company founded by the same team members of Titans World. In the period of 2022-2027, numerous such cities will be developed as part of Enchanted World projects in multiple regions, from the ground up, with the support of some of the world's most reputable firms in their respective fields.

As with all parts of Enchanted World, the Enchanted City will be optimized by the latest and smartest technologies; it will serve as a living lab for futuristic developments in all fields touching our lives, including lifestyle, real estate, technology, media, telecom, entertainment, sports, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and advertising.

Enchanted City
Main Attractions
The Enchanted City consists of:

A replica of the beautiful Chateau de Versailles (France), home to a large luxury shopping mall, a 7-star hotel, and Titans' triplex apartments in a gated section, located in the French section section.

A 160-meter replica of the Eiffel Tower, but with a few modern twists, including a see-through swimming pool on the first level, and two penthouses on the third and fourth levels, and with a multi-level glass observation tower attached to it, also located in the French section

A residential section with apartments for all income classes

A villas and mansion section, in a gated section on the top and slopes of surrounding hills

A science and innovation park where children and adults alike can experience the latest technologies and innovations, located in the Primo Italia section

Gardens and boulevards, primarily in the Enchanted Garden section, and overlapping parts of the Primo Italia, and World's Wonders section.

Enchanted City is a holistic part of Enchanted World, which also includes the Enchanted Gardens, Enchanted Land, Enchanted Sports, and Enchanted Marina sections.

Enchanted City : A Futuristic Ultra-Intelligent City

Life has changed dramatically over the last 20 years with the exponential growth and ubiquity of the internet, computers, broadband access, instant communications, wi-fi technology, and advent of high-definition smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Our lifestyles may have changed, but our living environment has basically remained the same over the last few decades. Maybe the buildings have become a bit more energy efficient and shinier, but the overall look and feel is the same as it was in the 1990s. That is about to change too. The futuristic sceneries of homes, offices, buildings and streets that we see in science fiction movies are going to become more and more a reality in the next five to twenty years.

Watch out for much larger TV screens, 80 inches and bigger, at home and in offices due to 8K technology; smart video screens in the streets for instant neighborhood and city updates; new architectural designs and look and feel of buildings; sensor-laden streets and roads; autonomous-driving motorbikes, cycles, cars, and trucks on those streets and roads; magnetic levitation and hyperloop public transport; autonomous flying cars on sensor-based virtual roads; and supersonic jets quietly zooming through the air.

Because practically everything will be sensor-based, you will be able to walk on the streets, wearing your mixed reality-enabled glasses, without ever accidently bumping into your fellow street users. All this will be part of an ever-evolving smart, and eventually ultra-intelligent, city.

Enchanted City will be developed with a brand-new access and local, last-mile infrastructure and a smart city grid from day one. To this end, Titans World will work closely with its sister-company, Angie/Oy.

Enchanted City: not just a fun, beautiful, green city | also a tech haven | developed in close cooperation with Angie/Oy

Smart solutions need to communicate with systems and the internet. Solutions that require low to medium capacity or speed can work perfectly fine over 4G mobile networks. But the minute you need higher capacity or speed for your solution to operate well, you’ll be helpless. Congestion is awaiting you, sooner or later, one way or another, the minute ultra-HD and VR applications become available. If it’s not at the access level, it will be at the last-mile, local backbone level.

To take fully functional smart cities from the realm of dreams to reality, a whole new parallel network needs to be built, at the access level and last-mile level. Obviously, this has industry-devastating implications; legacy system upgrades won’t suffice and the existing outside plant will have to be ripped out and completely replaced. Anything less will be just a connectivity disaster in the making.

The arrival of 5G will make machine-to-machine communications and autonomous driving a reality for the masses, but 5G mobile connectivity won’t make those issues magically disappear either. 5G will improve access level, just like 4G is an improvement from 3G, but especially then the local backbone backhaul capacity needs to be in terms of multi-ten gigabit speeds.

Access networks currently owned and operated by your service provider are not ready for the upcoming explosion in data traffic. A light version of a smart home may already be an option, but in a few years you’ll need multi-gigabit speeds. For Enchanted City, and Enchanted World as a whole, to be smart and to benefit from the internet of things as a robust, real city-wide solution, implementing future-proof networks are of critical importance. This is where Angie/Oy and Enchanted World/Titans World can cooperate with the local government and other stakeholders, such as a local service provider, to bring the future, today.

(A previous version of above text, written by Titans World’s Principal Founder, Neal S. Lachman, was published in the Sunday Times (UK) Smart Cities Special, May 2017).

Due to the confidential nature of certain parts of our developments, no further information on the technological specifics has been made available as of July 19, 2021.