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Enchanted Gardens
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Enchanted Gardens is part of Enchanted World, along with other developments, including Enchanted Land, and Enchanted City. Over the course of 2022-2027, Titans World will develop several Enchanted World projects throughout the world.


All Enchanted World (and as such, all upcoming Enchanted Gardens) are developed along the coastline. NSL & Co. LLC/Titans World is currently reviewing numerous proposals from governmental organizations. Due to the confidentiality of the negotiations underway, the locations are not made public.


Enchanted Gardens is spread over approximately 15 hectares, situated in the 150 hectares of Enchanted World, which also includes a 65-hectare Theme Park, a championship golf course, a resort/residential section, a polo & equestrian club, a F1-capable race track, a marina, and much more. When possible at a certain location, additional land will be acquired to create an even larger green environment.


Enchanted Gardens: World's Wonders is a large (15-hectare) open area, bordering on the south-east part of Enchanted Land Theme Park, and flowing into Enchanted City on the west side. It has beautiful boulevards and paths throughout the Zen Garden, and it is freely accessible for tourists, residents, and passersby. Dotted with several smaller themed gardens (botanic, Italian, etc.), besides the Zen Garden, the Enchanted Gardens will include small ponds, restaurants, shops, eateries, squares, and fountains.

In this section, you’ll also find a modern impression of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and an exact replica of the Taj Mahal.

Visit the Enchanted Gardens: World’s Wonders sitemap for renderings and further information.