Titans Fellowship Projects

Titans Fellowship
Titans World Develops and Builds Projects under the Titans Fellowship Projects Banner.

Projects range from mass-market theme parks to private island resorts. Learn more about Titans Fellowship Projects on this page.


Titans Fellowship Projects are made up of three distinct segments, namely:

1. All Enchanted World properties and services

2. Acquisitions, joint ventures, and partnerships: providers and operators of ultra-luxurious resorts, products, and services, including golf courses, and concierge service providers

3. Own projects, under the Titans Fellowship Projects banner (see below) - ownership of Titans World

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Economic Benefits

Titans Fellowship Projects (TFPs) bring significant economic benefits to the regions in which they are developed. The majority of TFPs are in developing countries and regions, and will have major economic impacts on the local economy. Titans World is working with local governments through a public/private partnership to ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Pledges

One of Titans World’s pledges is that the wages of most local workers will be about twice the national average. Another promise is that Titans World will work with local environmental and social activists to ensure minimal disruption to flora and fauna, and we will maximize our contribution to the well-being of society as a whole, and of the local population and businesses in particular.

In-House Master Planned

Titans Fellowship Projects are initially planned and managed (master planned) by our in-house team of architects and designers, under leadership of Neal Lachman and Zain Hassan. However, the final master-planning, construction, and development of TFPs is the responsibility of one of the most prestigious architecture and engineering firms in the world.

7denotes the availability of extra-ordinary luxurious and exclusive services and amenities at resorts and hotels (helipads, drivers, butlers, security etc.) 

Titan - About Us

Two 7☆ Mountain / Ski Resorts

Two 7☆ Vineyard Resorts

Two 7☆ Thermal Spa Resorts

Two 7☆ Private Island Resorts

Two 7☆ cruise ships

Fleet of yachts and boats

Fleet of jets, helicopters, armored cars

Numerous golf courses around the world

Restaurants, clubs, lounges, and other venues

Polo & equestrian clubs

Race tracks


Startup Hubs

Ogma Titans Media

Titans World Investment Fund

Titans World Philantropy


Further information about Titans Fellowship Projects is not public. Potential members of Titans Fellowship can request access to the dedicated website. Please note: due to the confidential nature of the information and the perks, access will be provided after confirmation of identiy and certain credentials.