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A Project of Passion

Titans World is the darling project of a throughly experienced and extremely passionate team

Titans World was founded upon the passions of a group of highly successful business associates with a track record of founding several disruptive companies (since 2008). The team includes a former multi-billion dollar fund manager, a Hall-of-Fame NBA basketball legend, a next-gen telecoms pioneer, and the former CFO of a Formula One racing team.

Titans World
Developing & Consolidating

Titans World is on a mission to consolidate the international tourism, travel, luxury, experiences, and lifestyle industries

Titans World consists of numerous large-scale developments and investments, ranging from mass-market theme parks, upscale hotels, and science and innovation centers, to the international ultra-luxurious and ultra-elite lifestyle, travel, sports/events, restaurants, clubs, lounges, tourism, and real estate segments.

Titan - About Us
Titans World | Objectives


Develop unique premium tourism destinations, ranging from mass-market theme parks to private elite resorts.


Acquire, invest in, and partner with operators and providers of ultra-luxurious, ultra-exclusive, and extraordinary destinations and services.


Consolidate the ultra-luxurious experiences and private travel industries, and become the world’s primary provider of services to a select group of Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals (Titans), either through ownership or strategic partnerships.

Titan - About Us
Titans World | Vision

Titans World is primarily focused on meeting the rising demand of ultra-luxurious services and ultra-convenient offerings. To that end, we have created the Titans Fellowship, a unique offering for a limited number of members (i.e. Titans), providing global, short-notice access to the largest selection of unique and exclusive services and experiences, ranging from private islands to yachts, from ski resorts to jets.

Titan - About Us
Titans World | Mission

Titans World’s mission is to deliver premium services to people of all economic distinctions -the local low-income laborer and the Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individual alike- to offer the most fun, exceptional, and beautiful experiences imaginable. We build, acquire, and finance projects ranging from new theme parks for the public at large, to boutique resorts for discerning individuals, to private islands and golf courses for a select group of Titans.

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Titan - About Us
Titans World | Segments

Enchanted World | Theme Park, City, Gardens, Sports, Marina

Titans Fellowship | Elite Membership Society

Elite Partnerships | Investments, Joint Ventures, Cooperation

Titans Fellowship Projects | Developments, Investments, Partnerships