Ogma Titans Media

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Ogma Titans Media is the biggest and most exciting news network launch of the 21st century.

Ogma Titans Media was founded by the same team behind Titans World, coming from NSL & Co. LLC., and is restructured under the Titans Fellowship Projects banner.

Ogma Titans Media (OTM) is launching three TV channels, radio channels, and a major online and mobile news platform (Q3-2022)

OTM provides Titans special access to properties through OTM’s presence in 30 major cities, each connected to Titans Venues and OTM’s seven studios- creating an awesome experience for Titans to take a peek behind the scenes (literally), and to be part of the OTM business channel’s pool of interviewees.

The name Ogma comes from a Gaelic titan, named Ogmios, and plays a crucial role in Gaelic myths. Ogma has been given the epithet of the “Lord of Knowledge”​.

Ogma conceived many languages and poetry in which he taught humans by ways of rays of light.This inspired the later Awen symbol where the three rays are said to represent the harmony of opposites in the universe. For example, the two outer rays representing male and female energy and the central ray the balance between them. It also represents the three domains of earth, sky and sea; mind, body and spirit. It is also believed that the awen stands for not simply inspiration, but for inspiration of truth; without awen one cannot proclaim truth.

The three foundations of awen are the understanding of truth, the love of truth, and the maintaining of truth. The Ogma Media symbol is the head of Ogmios, taken from an old coin, The Awen symbol is also part of the Ogma logo, underlining our commitment to the three pillars of truth.

For detailed information on the OTM project, please visit ogma.tv.

Further details on access to OTM properties and media is available for Titans.