Titans World | Founding Team

Titan - About Us

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Andrew Carnegie
Titan - About Us
Titans World | Founding Team
The Ultimate Vision of a Thoroughly Experiences and Extremely Passionate Team

Titans World was founded upon the passions of a group of highly successful business associates with a track record of founding several disruptive companies (since 2008).

The team includes a former multi-billion dollar fund manager, a Hall-of-Fame NBA basketball legend, a next-gen telecoms pioneer, and the former CFO of a Formula One racing team.

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Titan - About Us
Titans World | NSL & Co. LLC

The team, coming from NSL & Co., brings more than 300 years of combined experience, and has worked more than a combined 100 years together on other projects. The team specializes in unique, disruptive projects with massive potential, which are referred to as Black Swan Events: disruptive, big, and with huge implications for the industry. One of these projects is Angie Communications/Oy, the world's largest telecom startup (stealth), and another is Ogma Titans Media, an international news network (launching in Q3-2022).

Titan - About Us
Neal S. Lachman

Principal Founder | Chairman | Group CEO

Richard Borsboom, MScBA

President | Chief Operating Officer

Michael J. Sullivan

CEO | Titans Aviation & Transportation

CEO | Titans Protection & Security Services

Joel A. Dunn

Chief Marketing Officer

Titan - About Us
Shakuntala S. Lachman

Chief External Relations

Zain Hassan

Chief In-House Architect

Mahinder Lachman

Chief Legal Officer

Richard Waryn, MBA

Strategic Advisor | Co-Founding Director Titans World Investment Fund

Titan - About Us
Farooq Malik, MBA

Founding Director | Travel & Accommodation
Founding Director | PA & Concierge Services

Danon Saletovic

Founding Director | Titans Venues

Dr. Minal Gadhvi

Founding Director | Titans Health, Wellness, Spas

Shamir Stein

Founding Director | Titans Automotive & Motorsports

Titan - About Us
Rick F. Barry

Founding Director | Titans Sports & Tournaments

Founding Director | Titans Golf Courses & Events

Gregory W. Nemitz

Founding Director | Titans Voyaging

Dr. Melissa Berrenge | Ian Browde

Founding Directors | Titans Polo & Equestrian Clubs

Bob Chatta

Strategic Advisor

Amjad Shaikh

Strategic Advisor

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