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Titan - About Us
The world's most elite membership club

The Titans Fellowship is a global, multi-service, ultra-exclusive, invite only, finite persons, flat fee membership society: ultra-luxurious, ultra-convenient, ultra-elite.

We have a finite number of days in life, and no amount of wealth, success, or hard work can change that. The Titans Fellowship is all about enjoying life to the max, right now, without delay, to celebrate one's success by indulging in luxury and exclusive experiences at every possible occassion, and to live the most comfortable and convenient life imagineable.

Jets, yachts, private islands, exclusive resorts, restaurants, clubs, golf courses, ski resorts, and so much more; Titans can access these incredible, ultra-luxurious services and destinations by simply contacting their dedicated Personal Lifestyle Consultants at Titans World, at a moment's notice, and as they please.

Titan - About Us
The Titans Fellowship
The Titans Fellowship is an ultra-elite, finite persons service: a maximum of 15-25 Titans per nationality are admitted as members.

The Titans Fellowship affords Titans (members) year-round access and admissions to ultra-luxurious and ultra-exclusive lifestyle experiences, destinations, benefits, and services, either owned and operated or partner-curated by Titans World, all over the world.

Membership is reserved for a finite selection of UHNWIs, and affords Titans unique friendships with fellow Titans and their families. The Titans Fellowship guarantees fun, excitement, and thrills, as well as absolute discretion, the greatest convenience, ultra-luxury and ultra-exclusivity, but most importantly, security, safety, and privacy for Titans, their guests, and their families.

Titan - About Us
The Titans Fellowship
Titans Fellowship Members Personal Profile

☑ Personality and Character: Titans have a verifiable, respectable background

☑ Success and Status: Titans are at the height of their game, and are respected among rivals and peers alike

☑ Personal Wealth Threshold: UHNW status

☑ Ultra-Elite: finite number membership - a maximum of 15-25 Titans per nationality are admitted as members

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Titan - About Us
Titans Fellowship Perks
Titans enjoy many unique perks, including:

☑ Elite services, all with exclusive Titans-only sections, at Titans Fellowship Projects, owned, operated, or partner-curated by Titans World, all over the world - this includes ski resorts, private resorts, clubs, restaurants, and much more

☑ Transportation (jet, helicopter, or armored car), travel, security, assistance, accommodation, and unique, special arrangements at a moment’s notice

☑ Access to superyachts, cruise ships, and special sea-faring expeditions

☑ Many Titans-only perks, including special/vip and early/exclusive access to all Enchanted World experiences and services

☑ Biannual galas and gatherings at Titans Fellowship properties and venues, owned and operated or partnered by Titans World

☑ Quarterly topical conferences at Titans Fellowship properties and venues, owned and operated or partnered by Titans World

☑ Monthly social gatherings at Titans Fellowship properties and venues, owned and operated or partnered by Titans World

☑ Participation in Titans World Investment Fund as Limited Partner (closed-end mutual fund, supervised by Richard Waryn and Richard Borsboom)

☑ Participation in Titans World Philantropy

☑ Two dedicated Personal Lifestyle Consultants, and Private Concierge service at Titans World

Titan - About Us
Titans Fellowship Projects | Public Private Partnerships
Over the course of 2022-2027, Titans World will develop several Enchanted World projects throughout the world

Enchanted World projects bring significant economic benefits to the regions in which they are developed. Enchanted World projects are situated in developing countries, and will have major economic impacts on the local economy. Titans World is working with local governments through a public/private partnership to ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

One of our pledges is that the wages of most local workers will be about twice the national average. Another promise is that we will work with local environmental and social activists to ensure minimal disruption to flora and fauna, and we will maximise our contribution to the well-being of society as a whole, and of the local population and businesses in particular.

Enchanted World projects are initially planned and managed (master planned) by our in-house team of architects and designers, under leadership of Neal S. Lachman and Zain Hassan, however, the final master-planning, construction, and developement of Enchanted World projects is outsourced to one of the most prestigious architecture and engineering firms in the world.

Titan - About Us
Enchanted World |
Enchanted World projects include several segments that combine lifestyle, sports, fun, beauty, and adventure into one magnificient destination
Enchanted Land: Theme Park
Enchanted City: Lifestyle | Real Estate | Shopping
Enchanted Gardens: World's Wonders | Boulevards | Gardens
Enchanted Sports & Events: Golf Course | Polo & Equestrian Sports | Sports & Events Colosseum | Race Track
Enchanted Marina: Cruise & Ferry Terminal | Yacht Docking | Repair & Maintenance
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Titan - About Us
Titans Fellowship Perks
Ultra-Luxurious | Ultra-Exclusive | Ultra-Convenient

☑ 7☆ 24/7 hours Service: Butler service, driver service, concierge service, personal shopper service, personal assistant service, etc. when staying at one of the Titans Fellowship properties and select partner destinations

☑ Private Care through Titan World's international network of VIP hospitals and medical service

☑ Long Term Stays & Indefinite Care: Titans can stay at any Titans Fellowship Projects properties at all times, and enjoy all perks, including healthcare and lifestyle care

☑ Security, safety, and privacy guaranteed at all premises - discreet and robust solutions

☑ Children education: Possibility of children attending K12 boarding school at Enchanted World

☑ Access to 24/7 elite concierge services


Titan - About Us
Titans Fellowship Perks
Ultimate Luxury | Ultimate Convenience | Annual Flat Fee

Including, but not limited to:

☑ Titans Aviation & Transportation

Flights (jets and helicopters), armored cars, and travel and accommodation: available at a moment’s notice

☑ Titans Resorts, Hotels, Venues

Besides Titans World’s incredible “playgrounds and home bases” that we’re building at beautiful locations (see Titans Fellowship Projects and Enchanted World), Titans enjoy access to the largest selection of exclusive services and experiences, all over the world, including hundreds of incredible resorts and private islands and thousands of suites at some of the most exclusive hotels in the world, accessible to Titans and their guests.

☑ Titans Voyages

Titans have near-instant access to a large private (and chartered) fleet of yachts, boats, and ships


7denotes the availability of extra-ordinary luxurious and exclusive services and amenities at resorts and hotels (helipads, drivers, butlers, security etc.)                             

Further information about the Titans Fellowship is not public. Potential members can request access to the dedicated Titans Fellowship website. Please note: due to the confidential nature of the information and the perks, access will be provided after confirmation of identiy and certain credentials.